Products & Application


Water Doctor supplies treatment programs to a wide range of industry and markets segments. Our products are used in areas as refineries and five star hotels. Water Doctor has a range of products that is able to satisfy water treatment needs across the full range in Thailand’s industry.

Power/Petrochemical – From our office and service laboratories in the eastern seaboard we supply a range of cooling tower, boiler water, raw water and effluent treatments that keep these systems free of corrosion scale and fouling.

Industrial- From food factories to engineering works, Water Doctor has the industry specific experience to ensure that your plant and its processes are well managed. With FDA approved products to specialized cleaning equipment and methods, we have the solutions.

Comfort Cooling – From Hotels to office blocks the special needs of the comfort cooling industry are well covered by the our industry experts and specialist products, Of special concern in this area is the control of Legionella, an area where Water Doctor, in conjunction with our world leading partners, has developed products and procedures that meet local conditions.

Pool & Spa – From cloudy water to eye irritation control of pool and spa chemistry is vital. Water Doctor has the products, dosing equipment and methods needed to ensure that your guest enjoy their leisure time.